Participate in the Ethical Licensure Incubator program

In partnership with Corporate Accountability Lab (CAL), the Organization for Ethical Source’s Ethical Licensure Incubator program brings together open source maintainers and human rights workers with a dedicated legal team with expertise at the intersection of intellectual property and human rights.

Our incubator program also supports the development of other ethical source licenses that prioritize specific areas of justice and equity in open source.

If you’d like to participate in this program, sign up for membership in the OES at

Support HL3 Financially

You can support our work with a one-time or recurring donation through Open Collective.

Other Ways of Contributing

Contributions in the form of issues and pull requests in our source repository are also welcomed and encouraged.

Special Thanks

We are grateful for the contributions of Sameeul Haque, Matt Boehm, Greg McMullen, Brad Simon, Luis Villa, the members of the Ethical Source Licensure Working Group, and our contributors on GitHub.